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Welcome to Bajan E-Desk your online portal for the best online jobs where you can telecommute from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you have access to the Internet.

What is needed to Telecommute?

1. A skill that can be used online (See below the list of the most popular jobs available)

2. Good Management of your time

3. Commitment to your work

4. Access to the Internet

How do you get Paid?

Well, the most popular way to be paid for online jobs is via an online payment processor called PayPal where your money can be transferred to your bank account, however in Barbados a credit card is needed to make use of the account. 

Other options exist for these telecommuting jobs such as a prepaid debit card and local money transfer using online banking. Please see more about these options here.

How much can I make with Telecommuting?

How much you make depends on the job and your skill. Jobs may be a fixed price or hourly rated. You can make from as little as US$1 for simple jobs such as emailing or even answering a question to advanced consulting which can pay up to hundreds of dollars.

List of Popular Telecommuting Jobs




Web Design

Virtual Assistant

Web Research

Data Entry

System Design

Team Project

Simple Consultant

Expert Consultant

For information about the jobs and actually securing a telecommuting position please like, follow and contact us on the Facebook Page (below) with your email address to get started.